Monday, November 10, 2014

Meditations on the Priesthood

It is through the hands of the priest that the Sacred meets and gets entangled with the Profane.

What makes the Liberal Catholic Tradition different from its sister Churches is its emphasis on the Science of the Sacraments. The science that I am referring here is not the typical idea of science that one might have. This is not physics, chemistry or biology. The science that I am referring here is the Knowledge of the Divine.

The Liberal Catholic Tradition does not look into the number of its worshipers. It does not seek to convert other people to a cause that it wants to impose. It rejoices in the very fact that the Christian remains Christian, that the Muslim remains Muslim and that the atheist remains atheist. We rejoice in the very fact that we are part of the human race and that we have been given the privilege of a lifetime to become who we are.

When the priest offers up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - whether alone in his oratory or in a large Cathedral with hundreds of people - he concentrates the energies of the Divine into the blessed place where this sacrifice has been said in memory of the Lord Christ.

The Liberal Catholic Priest therefore, performs the sacraments because it is simply his duty to minister the sacraments as he was called to do so. He does not need a large congregation or a big paycheck from his fellowman (it would be against his duty even, since he is called to be a renunciate!) or even the gaudy and fancy vestments.

The priests need only perfect his/her very self to perform the rites and rituals needed to aid in the elevation of the consciousness of the people of God - that they may undergo a kenosis (an emptying) - that they may become a vessel of the outpouring of sanctifying grace throughout the galaxy and the universe.

-Bro. Gino Paradela, OSFM

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  1. Thank you for this most excellent meditation. This reflects a beautiful spirituality.