Sunday, November 9, 2014

Priests of Free Thinking and Free Spirituality: a Contemplation

It's funny to see people's reaction when they see me wearing my vestments.

Most of my friends have known me for being anti-religion. Most of them, not even in their 'wildest dreams', have thought that I would go into a seminary and hope to become a priest. I have always shown my distaste for Roman Catholicism and other mind controlling 'church organizations'.

I have always known that there is God, but not the ones described by our religious leaders.

I also also feel that there is an error with scriptures, and that they are not infallible as the Pope.

I also believe that there is NO HELL. If there is one, then it should be temporary only. A temporary Hell would also mean our earthly existence, since life is full of suffering.

Creating heaven, for me, is just a simple mental exercise. We either make our lives Joyful or full of Sorrow.

I am a Free-Thinker, and I practice Free-Spirituality. I have no rules, only the guiding principles that resonates deep within me.

I want to become a Priest who encourages Free Thinking and Free Spirituality to everyone. I wish not to make you believe on my beliefs, but rather to explore on your own Spirituality.

I have found my Path by creating my own. It seemed to be a coincidence, but the Universe conspires everything.

Having no doctrines or any man made dogma, just you and God- the Catholic Universalist Church headed by Bishop +George Kuhn have given me this once in a lifetime Chance to be the Change I wanted to be.

I really think that priesthood is all about facilitating God's grace towards the earth through the sacraments and the Eucharist.

But every man, ordained or not, is a Priest in his own right. God has always been, and will always be within us. We, ourselves can draw and tap God's divine grace within us. Remember that our body is the temple, and that the altar of sacrifice is our hearts.

One day, the world would need no ordained priests or big churches.

For man has already become his own Priest; his home will become the church; and that he becomes one with God in his earthly life.


- Bro. Joseph Albert Rholdee Lagumbay, OMFSJ

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