What do we teach?

The Catholic Universalist Church is a community of progressive spiritual seekers wherein the Gospel of Universal Reconciliation is preached, the inherent God-given freedom of all peoples is respected, and where the Divine is celebrated in its infinite expressions with the all-encompassing Christ its center.

The Catholic Universalist Church envisions a world where the Message of the Good News is heard by all people; a world where peace, healing and light is spread throughout through the sacraments that are freely given to all those who seek it without discrimination or exemption.

Our mission is to spread the Good News of Universal Reconciliation, Love, Fraternity and Justice to all people, regardless of creed, race or orientation. We welcome everyone to our altars and we welcome all men and women to the holy orders in every state of life.

We believe that God is Love and Power and Truth and Light;that perfect justice rules the world;that all God's children shall one day reach His feet, however far they stray. We hold the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood and sisterhood of all men and women, we know that we do serve Him best when best we serve our brothers and sisters.So shall His blessing rest on us and peace for evermore.
(+C.W. Leadbeater) 

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